My work is about finding the balance between my imagination and the natural properties of clay.

I try to display the natural properties of the materials I work with and at the same time celebrate modern aesthetically beautiful shapes and textures.

In my work, I try to avoid controlling or forcing the material. Like Jean Arp in his organic abstractions, I want my art to look natural, inspired by nature and created by it. Without copying what is already present around us, I work in a natural style and manner where I allow art to be born, rather than “make” it.

I observe how the materials change in my hands, how they dry, how they transform in the fire. In my opinion, such works possess the power and energy of their own.
I never make sketches. Having just an idea, a concept, as a starting point, I begin my work on an art piece, finding new solutions and shapes.  The details come to me in the process. By letting go of all control, I follow my intuition and the clay. I explore many techniques and materials trying to invent something new and beautiful.

I like observing different states that clay takes when paired up with other materials, such as beads, threads, foam-rubber, sponges and so on. I want to introduce something new and unexpected to the traditional style of ceramics.

My perception of myself is not one of an artist, rather I feel like I am simply helping pieces to be born.

I don’t want my art to look like it was made in a studio. I want people to feel like it grew somewhere in the forest, in a natural environment or on another planet, perhaps.


В своей работе я не ставлю жесткие цели.
Я всегда иду за глиной, ее природой.
Я двигаюсь скорее интуитивно, слежу за происходящими с материалом метаморфозами, превращениями и использую их.

Мне близки Органические Абстракции  Жана Арпа.  Я хочу чтобы мои работы выглядели естественными, природными. Так, буд-то они выросли естественным образом, возможно, на другой планете.
Хочу показать естественную красоту и пластику материала, не традиционно привычные свойства глины, а ее неожиданные возможности.
Стремлюсь посмотреть на материал по новому, увидеть его в необычном свойстве.

Я часто экспериментирую, пробую что-то непривычное, неожиданное.
Так родилась серия из фаянса и хлопкового шнура, фаянса и поролона, мха, мои коралловые фактуры.



          -  British High School of Art and Design (BHSAD) in Moscow, 2017/18
          -  Details design school in Moscow, 2010/12
          -  Moscow Ceramic Art School SAVOUR, 2019

Selected exhibitions:

          -  Art&Craft. Russian Names. NG-Gallery, Moscow 2021
          -  Russian Project. «Interior+Design», Art&Craft. Long list. 2019
          -  All in white. Artplay, Moscow, 2019
          -  Natural phenomenon. MOSS, Moscow, 2019

          -  Art show. Detali, Moscow, 2019